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6 Free Apps for a Better Job Search

Whether you’re just heading into the workforce or looking for a new career, add these mobile apps to your arsenal for a more effective job search.


A company profile on Glassdoor with reviews and salariesUnique feature: salary data from actual employees

While Glassdoor has features standard on most job search websites, they have two features that set them apart: salaries and company reviews submitted by actual employees. Use Glassdoor to check out a company’s culture, leadership, and pay scale before you even apply. This insider information can help you be better informed for an interview, or even help you decide whether applying is worth your time in the first place.

Download Glassdoor for iOS or Android.

LinkedIn & LinkedIn Job Search

Unique feature: 1-click job application using your LinkedIn profile

Having a professional online presence is a must for any job seeker. LinkedIn makes it easy to create and maintain an online profile of your professional experience, education, and other accomplishments. The popularity and networking features of LinkedIn make it the go-to tool used by recruiters and human resource employees to find and evaluate prospective employees – don’t miss out on the opportunity to be seen!

LinkedIn has also added a dedicated job search app to their suite of tools, to enable users to not only find job openings, but also to easily apply to jobs using the information in their LinkedIn profile. Install both LinkedIn and LinkedIn Job Search for a seamless job application experience.

Download LinkedIn for iOS or Android.

Download LinkedIn Job Search for iOS or Android.


Resume with infographic by VisualCVUnique feature: drag & drop resume editor with stylish templates

Just because you’re not a designer doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful resume! Take the hassle out of creating your resume or CV by using VisualCV. All you have to do is enter your information (or import from LinkedIn!) and select a style. VisualCV creates resume that you can download or share online. Use the app to update and share your resume on-the-go, because you never know when you’ll run into opportunity.

Download VisualCV for iOS or Android


Unique feature: sync files across devices

Many job application websites still require a document file such as a Word doc or a PDF. You can use Dropbox to keep your resume and other job search documents up to date on all of your devices – computers, tablets, and even phones. They’ve even added the ability to edit any Microsoft Office document online and save back into your Dropbox folder – perfect for quick edits before submitting an application.

Download Dropbox for iOS or Android.


screenshot showing how evernote converts a picture of a business card to contact informationUnique feature: sync notes and to-do lists across devices

Like Dropbox and other cloud apps, Evernote will sync your information across all of your devices, but it goes a step further with a document scanner, web clipper, and to-do lists. Use your phone to snap a picture of a business card and Evernote with automatically digitize the contact information. The web clipper is a browser extension that can save any webpage, such as a job post or company web page, to one of your digital notebook. Add checkboxes to any note to track your tasks and progress.

Download Evernote for iOS or Android.

Get a better job with these free apps for iPhone or Android

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