How to Prepare in College in 10th Grade

9th Grade


  • Make any adjustments to your course plan for high school that help you stay on track to graduate and be sure to start taking classes related to your area of interest.
  • Towards the end of this school year, meet with your guidance counselor to discuss what the requirements for getting accepted into the colleges and/or vocational training options that interest you.
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Be involved in extracurricular activities and develop study methods.

In the Community

  • Look for paid work experience. Any job will do – work experience at fast food restaurant is more valuable than no work history at all and the earlier you start the better!
  • Research careers and majors related to your area of interest and think about what would fit best with your skills, abilities, and strengths.
  • Find college or training programs that would help you obtain the necessary education and training to reach your goals. Contact college and program representatives and ask them about their programs.
  • Visit a variety of nearby colleges and programs to get a feel for different types of classes and campuses.
  • Interview professionals in the field of work you’re interested in. Find out what they like, what they don’t like, what’s their average day like, what skills are critical for that job, how they get to where they are now.  This information will help you decide what future career you would like.
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Volunteer within your community – get involved in at least one volunteering experience that requires regular commitment.

At Home

  • Talk to your parents or guardians about how to pay for your post-high school education. Are there savings available to help you pay tuition and living expenses or will you be solely responsible for the cost of your education? Cost will significantly affect your decision about where to continue your education.
  • Start researching funding resources such as scholarships, grants, and college savings programs. Apply for scholarships that you are currently eligible to receive.
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Increase your responsibilities at home to gain independent living skills
9th Grade
Yearly checklists of what you should do each year of high school to prepare for higher education.